How to build a house to be economical and meet your needs as much as possible

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    Starting to build a house, you need to think many times about how to use the space in the most cost-effective way. This value for money does not mean that the production is the most economical or the most affordable. But think about the good that is about to get Both in terms of functionality and beauty that are worth the space that exists. Including setting goals to use the space to be more useful, such as the area under the stairs Under the local area, storage will not waste the budget that will have to be added later in the day. Let’s see what should be followed.

    budget plan

    Building a house is not only about the construction cost of the house itself. There are still many kinds of expenses hidden. something can be cut Something can’t be cut Let’s see how much we need to pack our bags. in order to build a house in balance with the budget

    Home planning and efficient use of space

    Planning around the house is a land use planning. To indicate the location of the building, ฮวงจุ้ย the way, the entrance and the exit Ground elevation, drainage, connection with the boundary line around the land. The design of the surrounding layout is therefore the origin of the efficient management of space utilization. There are things that need to be taken into account, for example regulations, guidelines for sun exposure, proximity to each other. and what is necessary to use the space of the homeowner Let’s see where to position the house to be the most useful. For example, the production of a medium-sized house on a plot of approximately 100 square wahs.

    Long and narrow land can be built

    Long, narrow plots of land often have problems with access to internal spaces. including connecting the areas of two distant ends How to improve Shortening of parallel travel paths in a straight line to reduce the original distance Including the vertical path in the center of the building To access the area on both sides easily and not too far. Travel paths such as sidewalks, halls, stairs, roads are the main places that are used occasionally. There is also a central part of the room. including a specific route Therefore, even if there are many roads to travel, it will also waste space and budget.

    Important fence area

    The free space around the house as required by the regulations to leave a minimum of 50 cm. or 1 meter in each case is beneficial for many things, for example allowing technicians to work during construction. Protecting belongings from falling to the side of the house. Protection to protect the spread of fire in the event of a fire It’s a way for people to escape the fire. a drainage channel It is the principle that allows you to enter and repair the building. So it’s not a useless area. And it’s not a good reason to build anything to block or add to the fence. Moreover, houses that are getting old often need to be renovated every year. and to ensure the safety of people in the home

    The size of the room is not a waste of money.

    open hall design Double space Connect the vertical space between the floors. to look at Allow more natural light to shine in. as well as having good ventilation If it is not possible to make a double-space open-air hall Suggest to increase the ceiling height The minimum height is 2.80 meters, but be careful not to be too high. because of the need to walk up the stairs more as well Make as many doors and windows as the ceiling. Help make the area relevant. both the space between the rooms and between the outside and the inside

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